It is the technology that allows energy distribution companies (also water and gas) to efficiently manage their services, making available for this all the information about the consumption of their customers, using trustable and economically sustainable electronics.

DISCAR´s Mr.DiMS Management System is a modern Metering Platform with AMI features (AMI=Advanced Metering Infrastructure), that allows the administration of electricity customers through remote and automated readings of the energy delivered. Allows substantial reduction in the non-technical loses, and speed up the decision process, in the commercial, administrative and technical areas.

Why choose DISCAR? Because of technology and service
DISCAR offers affordable solutions for electricity cooperatives, large energy distributors, and companies in general, to begin to gradually incorporate AMI technology.

AMI: Advanced Metering Infrastructure: system for the measurement, data collection, and analisys of electricity service information, through the use of advanced electronic meters (smart meters) linked with a computing system through some kind of telecommunication technology (like Power Line Communication PLC, cellular, other).

Modern technology that allows the centralized and remote administration of thousands of meters, delivering almost real time information of the energy usage. Collaborates with the resolution of today´s challenges: the need to reduce loses, ensure the quality of service, and to time shift the load to non-peak hours through tariffs according to time bands.

Through the incorporation of modern technology, DISCAR has taken the compromise of offering functional, practical and affordable solutions, so energy distribution companies can manage adequately their resources, and reduce their costs. This compromise also generates important benefits for end users, allowing them to access to their electricity meters from the comfort of their homes using a web browser; with this information, customers can administer more efficiently their power demand.
DISCAR offers affordable mechanisms for Electric Cooperatives and energy distributors to gradually incorporate AMI technology.

Know our offer of smart meters for urban environments, with telesupervision using PLC (Power Line Communications).

Know our offer of smart meters for rural environments (long distances) with telesupervision using cellular service GSM/GPRS.
Know our offer for the remote monitorization of substations and energy transformers with telesupervison using GSM/GPRS.
Know the benefits of "SUBMETERING": having your own smart meter connected after the utility´s meter, to have full access to your electricy service and energy demand.

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